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Updated to Version 2.0!
CogDis (unfortunately) requires Windows.
System requirements are low, and some have had success in emulated Windows environments on Mac.
While some users have had success running the game on Windows 8, it can be unstable. Compatibility mode is suggested. Also, do not run from flash drives.
Updated to 2.0c. Fixed sprite transparency issues and possible lag fix on some computers.

CogDis 2.0 is ready! Blast off from here or here!

Many players have reported a font issue that makes reading text difficult.
IIf you have encountered "squished letter syndrome," please download this rar
and when you extract it, copy the files inside to C:/Windows/Fonts or wherever
this folder may be on your computer.

Mirror 1 , 2, 3

Old Versions
1.0 (Mirror 1, 2)
1.3 (Mirror 1, 2)

The CogDis soundtrack is also now available!

It contains over 60 tracks of original material used in the game.

Check it out on Bandcamp, or if they're out of free tokens, pick it up at the mirror!